Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Ideas for Cheap Upcycled Curtains Rods

 These ideas for cheap upcycled curtain rods are perfect for anyone looking to decorate their home on a budget. Easy DIY curtain rods can look great with a little effort and creativity. Hopefully these ideas for cheap or even free upcycled curtain rods will inspire you in your own home.

Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rod Idea #1
Old door knobs can make a fun and funky way to hang curtains. These work best with tab top curtains or curtains you can add loops of ribbon or fabric on to the top.

Take old vintage door knobs and glue a long screw inside the back of them. I like to use an epoxy glue. Predrill holes every 4 inches or so along the wall where your curtain rod would be. Install wall anchors and screw the old doorknobs into place. Hang the curtain tabs on the door knobs.

Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rod Idea #2
Old 2X4's make fun curtain rods. They work great with panels of fabric. Lay your fabric curtain panel pattern side down on the floor. Lay the 2X4 on top. Fold the fabric over the top of the wood and staple into place on the back.  Place the 2X4 up on the wall above the window. Pick up the fabric to expose the front of the board. Predrill a hole through the wood then screw into the wall. Drape the fabric back into place.

Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rod Idea #3
Tacks are a quick solution to hanging curtains fast. Be sure to use large enough tacks that reach through the fabric and into the wall. Space these out evenly just like in the door know curtain rod idea.

Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rods Idea #4
Vintage hooks can be found at yards sales, in old closets, and in boxes at flea markets. They can be very affordable and are an ideal way to hang curtains and really get a custom look.

You want to space then evenly above your window. Do this by pre marking the spaces on the wall. Screw into place using wall anchors if needed. Hang those tab top curtains on each hook.

Cheap Curtain Rods Idea #5
Broom handles and mop handles make fun a whimsical curtain rods in the kitchen. You can attach them to the wall with L brackets or use existing curtain wall brackets. Wood handles can be trimmed to length.

Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rod Idea #6
Shelves make fun curtain rods by adding some architectural interest to a place room. Hang an old unused shelf above your window. Screw in tea cup hooks on the underside. Hang tab top curtains on the hooks.

Cheap Curtain Rods Idea #7
Plant Hangers are a fun way to hang a simple rod. They come in all shaped, sizes, and styles. Simply lay a wood dowel in the hook area and run it across the window. This look is ideal in sun room, kitchen, or bathroom.
Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rod Idea #8
Leftover wiring or twine can easily be hand on the wall using a simple stainless steel O screw. You can find these in the same aisle as the stainless steal hooks that screw into the wall. Attach one at the top left and one at the top right of the window and string some twine along to hang the curtains on.

Cheap Curtain Rod Idea #9
Copper pipes or PVC pipes can be painted, upcycled and used in place of traditional curtain rods. They can be cut to any length and come in a variety of widths. Plus you may have some laying around from old projects.

Cheap Upcycled Curtain Rod Idea #10
Wood branches can be found in the back yard for free, so take advantage of this. Remove any leaves or small thin branches sticking out. Sand any rough areas if needed. These can rest on traditional curtain rod hardware or be attached to the wall with L brackets.

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